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Joining the conference as online attendee

If you are an attendee of the conference you will have access to the online content and can access it when the conference is running.

Step 1: Receiving the webinar mail and joining the webinar

If you are a registered participant you will receive a mail containg the links for each day and conference room (the rooms are identical to the ones listed in the booklet, i.e. session A1 will be in room A and session B3 will be in room B). In the context of our chosen conference platform Webex, this is called webinar. Upon selection of the session you want to follow you have to click on the respective link for the day and room.

Step 2: Installing Webex desktop client (you only have to do this once)

After clicking the link a new browser page will appear which allows you to open a Webex link. If you do not have the Desktop version of Webex installed already we recommend to do so, since it increases your comfort as an attendee.

Upon installation of the Webex desktop software, the application launches automatically.

Step 3: Using Webex – Entering your Username + mail adress

With the Webex software open you have to put your username and mail adress, preferrably identical to your registration. The username will be visible for our moderators but not for anyone else.

Step 4: Starting the webinar

Upon clicking Next a further window will appear where you can usually check your audio connection. As attendee you will only be allowed to ask written questions, so you can skip the audio and video check and simply click Join webinar.

Step 5: Enjoy the conference

Congratulations! You successfully joined one of our conference rooms and can follow the content.

Step 6: Question round

Now it’s time for your questions. Since you are not a speaker in the session you can’t share your microphone or video signal to the public. However, you can ask questions at all times by typing in the Q&A box at the bottom right of the window. The question will only be made public to everyone when the moderator interacts with it (i.e. when the question has been read out loud). Due to the rather short time for Q&A please be aware that not all incoming questions can be asked to the speaker. In case that you sent a question that is already answered at some point, please indicate whether you want more information on this or if you want to withdraw the question. It will then be handled within question queue accordingly.

Step 7: Switching conference rooms

In case you want to switch conference rooms go back to your mail inbox and follow the link to the room you want to join. You do not have to install Webex again. Instead you can directly launch the link with your Webex desktop software. From here on, repeat the steps starting at step 4.