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Joining the conference as online speaker

If you are an online speaker of the conference you will receive a special mail from us with extended joining possibilities. The procedure is similar to the one as an online attendee.

Step 1: Receiving your invitation link

You should have received an email with an invitation link for your talk in your respective conference room. Next to the possibility to join the session you should take the time to also scroll down and note your panelist password.

After this you can click the Join webinar button.

Step 2: Installing Webex desktop client (in case you did not do so yet)

After clicking the Join webinar button a new browser page will appear which allows you to open a Webex link. If you do not have the Desktop version of Webex installed already we recommend to do so, since it increases your comfort as an attendee.

Upon installation of the Webex desktop software it launches automatically. In case you installed the Webex desktop software already it allows you to open the link with the software directly.

Step 3: Using Webex – Entering your Username + mail adress

With the Webex software open you have to put your username and mail adress. Make sure to put your real name as it will be displayed for everyone. Also make sure to put the exact same mail adress with which you received the webinar link. The mail adress is used as first indicator that you are an online speaker of this day and will not be displayed to the normal attendees.

Step 4: Enter your panelist password

Enter your panelist password you received in your invitation mail. If you do not know what a panelist password is, please refer to step 1. Afterwards click Next.

Step 5: Audio and Video check

Now is the time to check your Audio and Video settings and to make sure that everything works fine. Press the unmute and start video button and see if everything behaves as it should. Choose other input settings if necessary.

If everything works fine, please mute yourself again and stop the video. This saves internet bandwidth. You can turn on the audio and video once your talk starts.

Step 6: Join the webinar

Upon clicking Join webinar you will enter the conference room. Enjoy the talks of the other speakers. It should look roughly like this:

In the bottom you have again the unmute and start video possibilities. As panelist you also have the role as moderator, however we have enough technical staff for handling everything so there is no need for you to do anything.

Step 7: It’s your turn!

The previous speaker finished and now it is your turn to give your presentation. In order to successfully set up Webex you now have to share your presentation with everyone. Click on the Share button at the bottom of the screen and the following window will open:

Select your presentation (powerpoint or PDF) from the list of open windows and click Share.

Step 8: Confirm that you want to share your presentation

In case you somehow arrived at this screen by accident – so earlier than your talk is scheduled – you have now the chance to cancel. If you are sure that it is your turn you can now unmute yourself and turn on your video and click the Share button. By doing so you automatically stop the previous presentation and your slides are the active ones. So make sure to double-check that it’s actually your turn.

Step 9: Your presentation slides will now be visible for everyone

By sharing the screen everyone will see your presentation. Make sure to go to full screen mode of your presentation (in most cases by pressing F5 on your keyboard) and give your presentation.

If you have a setup at home with only one monitor this method works all the time.

Step 9.5: Dual monitor setup

In case you are the proud owner of two computer monitors, sharing your presentation is done either with or without presenter view. In the following picture the main monitor displaying the presentation is on the left and the side monitor is on the right with the presenter view.

  • Enabled presenter view (picture): it is NOT possible to share your presentation slides by sharing the application only (see step 7). Instead, you will have to share your full screen. Otherwise the presenter view will be visible to all.
  • Disabled presenter view (recommended): you can share your slides by sharing the application only, other elements appearing on the screen (e.g. notifications etc) will also not be visible to others.

If your presenter view appears, the second menu entry at the top allows you duplicate your presenting monitor so there is no presenter view at all.

Step 10: Give your presentation

You are now in full-screen mode and should focus on your presentation. Your screen should look like this:

Depending on your mouse position the menu bar at the top will disappear. Once your talk and Q&A is finished, move your mouse to the top of the screen. The menu bar will appear again which allows you to stop sharing your slides. Congratulations: You successfully gave your talk!