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Manasevit Award

In good tradition, the next Harold M. Manasevit Young Investigator Award will be presented during the conference. This award recognizes outstanding scientific achievements of a young researcher on the field of MOVPE.

Please find more information about Harold Manasevit and the award at:—2020.html

To find the best-suited person for this award, all MOVPE scientists are asked to nominate appropriate candidates. Eligibility is limited to contributors 35 years or younger in 2020 who are involved with the International MOVPE technical community. The primary requirement for eligibility is the publication of one or more high-quality technical paper(s) in refereed technical journals in subject areas that are normally covered by the ICMOVPE conferences. A minimum of two and a maximum of five supporting letters of reference from individuals in the MOVPE community are required.  The Nomination should include a citation of 25 words or less which succinctly describes the excellence of the contribution for which the candidate is being nominated. From these nominations, the award committee will choose the best candidate.

Please use the nomination form provided here.