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Oral presentation guidelines

Instructions on how to prepare your talks for ICMOVPE XX if you’re either an in-person or an online attendee can be found below.

Duration of the talk:

While preparing your presentation slides, keep in mind the designated timeslot (presentation + Q&A) for your type of talk:

  • Plenary talk: 45 min (40 + 5)
  • Invited talk: 30 min (25 + 5)
  • Contributed talk: 15 min (12 + 3)

Aspect ratio:

The conference center has 16:9 aspect ratio projectors (widescreen) in all rooms. However, the standard 4:3 format will also work but might not fill the full screen.

File type:

Please generate files with the extensions .pptx or .pdf. Do not use .ppt, .pps, or other formats, as this will affect your file’s ability to open correctly. Please only send in files with a size below 100 MB.


The session computers will have the standard Windows 10 / PowerPoint fonts. Please avoid using any other than those fonts in your .pptx as they might appear differently. Alternatively, save your slides as a PDF.

Uploading your presentation:

For a smooth procedure in the session room, upload your presentation slides prior to the conference via the submission form.

The deadline for submitting your presentation slides is Thursday, July 7, 2022.

Giving your presentation in person:

  • Bring a backup copy of your presentation file and any media files to your session on a USB stick
  • Locate the session chair prior to the start of your session and check in with them so they know you have arrived

Equipment in the meeting rooms:

  • Windows 10 PC – supports the usual file formats on Windows 10
  • LCD projection: 16:9 aspect ratio, FullHD resolution
  • Microphone
  • Presenter (laser pointer with slide advancer)

Online presentation of your talk:

The talks of authors presenting online will be shown in the session room via live stream. In order to prevent possible delays coming from e.g. poor internet connections during the sessions, we ask all online attendees who are giving a talk to also submit a video of their recorded presentation. As we prefer the direct communication between presenters and listeners, the videos will only be used as a backup. 

File type:

Your slides will need to have audio narration embedded. Export the presentation as an .mp4 file. Please only send in video files with a size below 2 GB via the submission form.

Instructions on recording your audio in PowerPoint can be found here.

Instructions for exporting a PowerPoint file to .mp4 can be found here.

The deadline for submitting your recorded presentation video is Thursday, July 7, 2022.