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Proceedings to Journal of Crystal Growth

Publication of contributed papers:  

Following the tradition of ICMOVPE the proceedings of the conference will be published as fully reviewed papers in a virtual special issue of Journal of Crystal Growth. The editorial team managing the review process consists of Armin Dadgar, Hilde Hardtdegen, David Lackner and Markus Weyers.

We strongly encourage that you submit your work as such a paper so that there will be a special issue of J. Crystal Growth reflecting the current state and trends in MOVPE.

The submission portal will be opened by July 4, 2022. Please submit your paper through the link of editorial system in Journal of Crystal Growth via

Then select the article type “ VSI: ICMOVPE XX” (see pulldown menu) to submit your papers to this special issue.

Deadline for submission is September 15, 2022.

The deadline for submission is postponed to October 16, 2022.

Please make sure not to miss this deadline. Early contribution will help to ensure a speedy review process. In case of questions you can contact the Publication Chair Markus Weyers (

We are looking forward to your contribution during ICMOVPE and also to the paper that makes your contribution available to the whole MOVPE community.

EDIT 1: In a prior version of this text, the deadline has been stated as August 15. This has now been corrected.

EDIT 2: The deadline for submission has been postponed by one month from September 15 to October 16.